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Do you have a well loved but tired piece of furniture that you don't want to throw away? Contact me for a FREE consultation. Let's work together until we can come up with a design you're going to love!

  • The Visible Chair

    "I bought this Chinese Yoke Back Chair nearly a year ago with the intention of using it for my Visible photo essay series, but it was too big to lug around Hong Kong without assistance. Over the year I’ve fallen in love with it, but it doesn’t go with our contemporary design.So I decided to have it made into a statement art piece. I shared the peacock concept with the talented Sue Whitney of Carnycurlycraftycreations as I’ve seen some of her furniture work before and knew she was the right person. Beyond the concept I said just do your thing. Today we received the painted chair and it is everything I had hoped for. Just perfect. And I think I’ll bring the Visible ladies to my home studio for the portrait series. Inspired! Thank you Sue! You are so talented and we love it"! Jill Carter

  • Chinoiserie Peacock Bedroom Suite

    "I commissioned Sue to upgrade my tired bedroom furniture: two bedside tables, a dressing table, a console and a narrow chest of drawers. Sue was a good listener and turned my brief into vision, which she executed perfectly. The result was stunning and unique and very ME, while maintaining a perfect balance as it's still a bedroom that I share with my husband. I am glad I went down that path with Sue and gave my well loved furniture a second life" Shirley Johnson, Jewellery Desginer.

  • Circuit Board Filing Cabinets

    "With online schooling well under way I needed a couple of
    filing cabinets for my son’s study area in his bedroom. He had a big black desk
    made from recycled material so I was looking for something that would fit in
    with this and the general "industrial style computer geek" look of
    his bedroom. I found two second hand cabinets, one silver metal and the other a
    tired wood effect one. Quite ugly in their current state! I was planning on
    just painting them but then Sue took one look at them and said, "leave it with
    me". I was so impressed with what she came up with, not only her
    creativity in capturing exactly what my son was looking, but with the quality
    of her work.  She turned two very boring, utilitarian pieces of old office
    furniture into two very stylish, contemporary pieces that totally compliment
    his bedroom. Brilliant!" Sarah Wilson


Your furniture your way! Commissioned pieces of furniture designed just the way... 

Art De Vivre - The Art of Living! Have a bespoke piece of furniture in your home today! All my furniture has had a previous life that might have some imperfections reflecting its age and original condition.