About Me

Hi, I’m Sue welcome to Tongfuker.com

I have been living in Hong Kong since 2005, more importantly living in Tong Fuk since 2008. Let me give you an incite on Tong Fuk.

Tong Fuk is a humble, tiny village which holds many charms, located along the southern coastline of the stunning Lantau Island in cosmopolitan Hong Kong. Tong Fuk has a population of fewer than one thousand.  Yet, over twenty nationalities from different cultures all over the world have chosen to call Tong Fuk their home. Why?  Not only has its village beach has been voted by CNN as one of the most beautiful in the region, and one of the longest spectacular hiking trails in Hong Kong is at the village’s doorsteps, the community vibe makes me never look back once I decided to put down roots in this enchanting village. I am so grateful to be able to live in this paradise. 

Where did it all begin for me? Well, Covid threw the world into turmoil and we went into lockdown. During this time it gave me a chance to work on my own furniture and my creative juices started flowing!

It was from this CarnyCurlyCreations was born. My aim to try and save as much furniture/household products from going into landfill by upcycling, repurposing, reusing. I have commissioned many pieces for very satisfied clients and created new designs to sell. All my pieces are professionally finished and painted with  eco-friendly chalk paint that is safe for the home. 

Tong Fuker was originally the baby of my neighbour, business woman and now a good friend Shirley, she was broken hearted every time she saw some plastic trash being washed ashore from afar, she decided to combine her passion and belief in balancing the care for the natural environment. 

Shirley spotted one of my upcycled, Traditional Chinese letter boxes on my wall outside my home as she walked past one day. From that day I started making the letterboxes for Shirley to sell on Tongfuker.com

After some time Shirley had to leave Tong Fuk and Hong Kong for personal reasons but didn't want to lose this lovely website. This is where I come in as the proud owner. 

This is an opportunity I am truly thankful for! 

I hope you like my products as much as I enjoy making them, turning everyday, mundane items into something fun.

Enjoy shopping with Tong Fuker and carnycurlycreations!

Now the world gets to see... Let me redesign your furniture..